Apr 11 2014

Hazelnut Cake


This is my favourite cake recipe. How much do I love it? Well, it’s been my birthday cake for the last 5 years running. Pretty much since I was introduced to it. The original recipe came from my mother-in-law who is a self-taught cook who, legend has it, can create an exact replica of any …

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Apr 04 2014

National Walk to Work Day


There are many benefits to a regular walking routine…let me count the ways: Reduced risk of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes Weight loss Reduced depression Stress relief Reduced osteoporosis risk Getting 30 minutes of moderate exercise everyday protects against cancer.  This happens in a couple of ways. One of these is that …

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Apr 03 2014

Top Cancer Fighting Spices

In my newest webinar, The Spice Shakedown: Eating a Cancer Fighting Diet, I will share with you the top 3 cancer-fighting spices and why they should be in your spice cupboard and more importantly, on your plate! If you like quick tips that will have an immediate impact on your diet, this webinar is for …

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Feb 28 2014

Popular Nutrition Questions from Cancer Patients

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 11.25.11 AM

I was recently invited to present at Odette Cancer Centre at Sunnybrook Hospital. The topic was The Most Popular Patient Questions About Nutrition and The Answers You Need To Know to Keep You Informed and On Track.   You can watch the full recording of the presentation here. A few tips for viewing, it doesn’t work …

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Nov 27 2013

Fried Sage


Sage is the name of a herb with grey-green fuzzy leaves and a deep veined underside. It grows easily in gardens and the type I have is pretty frost hardy. Sage is also the name for a wise person or good advice. It has been part of traditional medicine in many regions of the world. …

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Nov 27 2013

Does Cooking Reduce Nutrients?


I attended the AICR (American Institute for Cancer Research) conference in Maryland.  I plan to write a report about each of the sessions that I attended. This session was called “Can Food Processing Enhance Cancer Protection?” The topic itself might surprise you, as we tend to think when we process food that we are depleting …

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Nov 14 2013

What Are Chaga Mushrooms?

Chaga Mushroom

Chaga Mushrooms Like other mushrooms, chaga is a fungus. It grows in northern climates including Canada. While it grows it is taking nutrients from its tree host, it especially likes birch trees. It is used as a medicinal product in Russia and Eastern Europe where it has a long history of use as folk medicine.  It …

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Nov 14 2013

Cancer, Genes and Nutrition


This is the third in a series of blog posts that report on sessions that I attended at the Food & Nutrition Conference (FNCE) in Houston, Texas. This session was called: Nutrition and Cancer: From Genotype to Phenotype This talk was presented by: Steven Clinton, MD, PhD, Professor, Division of Medical Oncology, College of Medicine and …

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Nov 11 2013

Not All Research is Equal

Body of Knowledge

As I wrote about in a previous blog, I attended the Food and Nutrition Conference in Houston recently. I am writing a blog post about each of the sessions that I attended so that you can benefit from this new information as well. This bog post is written about a session called: Deconstructing Studies: How to …

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Oct 31 2013

Should I Detox?

Fertilizer Application

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I attended the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE) in Houston, Texas hosted by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This is my report on a session that I attended called Nutritional Approached to Detoxification: Separating Fact from Fiction The Presenters were: Gerard Mullin, MD Associate Professor …

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