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Cancer-Smart Salad Dressing

I first encountered this salad dressing when I was attending a weekend retreat and I asked for the recipe right away! After getting a copy of the recipe, I made my own tweaks to improve its nutritional quality and its cancer-fighting ability but keep the same great taste. Yum! I hope you like it.   …

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The Food Babe Versus The Science Babe

The Food Babe versus The Science Babe

I have been following The Food Babe for about a year now. I was really impressed with her ability to get large food companies to make changes to their products and her goal of cleaning up the food supply. Her loyal followers, the Food Babe Army go on the attack at her command. They bombard …

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The Health Benefits of Gratitude

I would like to wish all of my American readers a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays. No gift giving, just coming together with friends and family over a beautiful harvest meal. I hope part of your Thanksgiving tradition is to also take a moment to give thanks. Turns …

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Peanut Tofu with Quinoa and Leeks

November is the time to start preparing warm dinners that make your house smell intoxicating when you walk in from the cool outdoor air. They comfort you with their seasoning and fortify you with their healthy ingredients. This is one of those recipes. Enjoy! Ingredients: 900ml carton of vegetable broth 1 28oz can of chopped …

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Artichoke and Mushroom Pasta with Sun Dried Tomato and Goat Cheese

This is a Jean LaMantia original recipe. I’ve been making this dish for years. It’s evolved over the years to its current standard. One ingredient—the marinated artichoke hearts—has been in the recipe since its beginning. Here is what you will need for the recipe: Serves 6. Ingredients: Whole grain pasta 2 Bunches green onions 2 …

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Benefits of Exercise for Cancer Patients and Survivors

Sunrise view of the city

When I had cancer there was no mention of exercise as part of my treatment or recovery. It was never brought up by anyone on my health care team. Advice for cancer patients used to be: “rest and avoid activity”. Well times they are a changin’ and exercise recommendations are now a more regular part …

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Super Green Parsley Pesto


Herbs are more than just a garnish. A garnish is added to a meal for its flavour or visual appeal. I often think of parsley as just a decoration to a meat or cheese tray. Well, herbs are definitely more than decoration! Many herbs have been shown to have important anti-cancer and other medicinal properties. …

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Blueberries for Cancer Prevention

Blueberries, Anthocyanidins and the Cancer Cell

Blueberries are not only beautiful and delicious; they are partners in our fight against cancer. Much of the health benefit of blueberries is credited to a group of pigments called Anthocyanidins. These are responsible for blue, red, pink, mauve and orange colours in fruits and vegetables.  While we don’t know for sure how these work …

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7 Herbs Every Cancer Survivor Should Grow

Herb Information Table

I can’t think of a cancer-fighting goal that could be easier than growing (and enjoying) fresh herbs in your garden. When cancer researchers suggest that you eat a “plant-based diet”, I think many people think of vegetables and fruits, whole grains and legumes. But I think most forget that herbs and spices are an important …

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Top-10 Take-Aways from Dietitians Oncology Conference 2014

1. Diet and obesity are second to smoking as a cause of cancer. Obesity causes inflammation in organs and visceral fat (the fat that is packed around our organs, as opposed to sub-cutaneous fat, which is just below the skin). Weight loss is a good strategy for cancer risk reduction. 2. From 2004 to present, …

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