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Can I Believe Everything I Read About Coconut Oil?

I was recently asked by Wellspring Cancer Support Centres in Toronto to research and update a fabulous presentation that they deliver called Nutrition Myths and Controversies. In this presentation, I address the most popular questions that cancer patents and survivors have about nutrition. Cancer patients and survivors are full of questions about how they can help themselves. …

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A Special Diet for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

plant-based diet for cancer thrivers

There is exciting news in the world of cancer nutrition! For years, the triple negative breast cancer patient has been without a targeted treatment. But, the evidence is beginning to show that some triple-negative specific targeted treatment is on the horizon. This is great news for you if you want to take back the control …

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The Quality of Your Social Support Matters Too


Recently I came across an article entitled “Quality Personal Relationships Boost Survival in Women Diagnosed With Early-Stage Breast Cancer” on BreastCancer.org. The article talks about a new study that looked at social support networks of women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. The results of the study show us that it is not just the size …

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