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A Special Diet for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer and Diet Update There is exciting news in the world of cancer nutrition! For years, the triple negative breast cancer patient has been without a targeted treatment. But, the evidence is beginning to show that some triple-negative specific targeted treatment is on the horizon. This is great news for you if you want …

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Can I Believe Everything I Read About Coconut Oil?

I was recently asked by Wellspring Cancer Support Centres in Toronto to research and update a fabulous presentation that they deliver called Nutrition Myths and Controversies. In this presentation, I address the most popular questions that cancer patents and survivors have about nutrition. Cancer patients and survivors are full of questions about how they can help themselves. …

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The Quality of Your Social Support Matters Too


Recently I came across an article entitled “Quality Personal Relationships Boost Survival in Women Diagnosed With Early-Stage Breast Cancer” on BreastCancer.org. The article talks about a new study that looked at social support networks of women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. The results of the study show us that it is not just the size …

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