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Movie Review – Open Sesame: The Story of Seeds

Open Sesame: The Story of Seeds is a film by M. Sean Kaminsky. I know seeds are important—you can’t plant a garden without them—but this film took this to a whole new level! The most impactful demonstration of this was the fact that some species of plant would have been entirely wiped out by pathogens …

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Peanut Tofu with Quinoa and Leeks

November is the time to start preparing warm dinners that make your house smell intoxicating when you walk in from the cool outdoor air. They comfort you with their seasoning and fortify you with their healthy ingredients. This is one of those recipes. Enjoy! Ingredients: 900ml carton of vegetable broth 1 28oz can of chopped …

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GMO or GM-No?

Popcorn bag labels

What is GM? Genetic modification (GM) is a process in which a gene from one species (plant, animal, insect, mold, etc.) is inserted into the genetic code of another species (I’ll focus on plants for our purposes). The resulting product is a unique product, for example, GM corn. Since GM products are unique, they can …

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What is that Wax on my Produce?

White Wax Build-up on Plum

When researching What is the Best Way to Clean Produce? (click here to read), I found a website selling a fruit cleaning spray. The spokesperson said,  “at least 85% of most commercially grown produce is waxed. There is a plethora of things that are trapped under the surface from dirt to contaminants, microbes, things that you pretty much wouldn’t want to ingest” …

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PLU Numbers on Produce

PLU stands for Price Look Up. These are the codes that the cashier will scan when you check out at the supermarket. The International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS) is a voluntary organization for the fresh produce industry. The IFPS coordinates the use of these standardized PLU codes. Their objective is to support an efficient …

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What is the Best Way to Clean Produce?

Bruise and Mold on Peach

Vegetable washes, vinegar, distilled water, tap water, soap—what is the best way to wash fruits and vegetables? Before I answer that question, I have another one. Why is this topic important for thriving after cancer? It’s important because eating fruits and vegetables are a super important part of a cancer-fighting diet. We hear so much …

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