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Living With Podcast with Host Tom Coccagna

This is the second in my series of introducing you to my favourite cancer specific podcasts. I highly recommend that you check these out! If you aren’t familiar with podcasts or how to listen on the go, check out my post about the top 10 podcasts for cancer thrivers. You can find the post HERE. …

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The Cancer Warrior—Mel Majoros

The Cancer Warrior Square

I want to introduce you to my favourite podcasts that are hosted by other cancer thrivers (just like you!). Turns out you are not alone—it is great to hear how some cancer thrivers are using their cancer as a springboard to help others. I highly recommend that you subscribe to these podcasts and become a …

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Podcasts for Cancer Thrivers

Podcasts for Cancer Thrivers Series Heading

I am really getting 21st century now. First I did book reviews, then movie reviews and now…wait for it….podcast reviews. I feel so hip! I am only two and a half years into my smart phone, but wow! Along with all the other gadgetry that comes with a smart phone, I have downloaded an app …

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Movie Review – The Connection

Hungry for Change

I watched The Connection as part of a promotion from FMTV (Food Matters TV) , which is a service like Netflix, but it features food, nutrition and health films, many of which are documentaries. The Connection is a film directed by Australian journalist Shannon Harvey who was diagnosed with a career-altering autoimmune disease. Check out …

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Movie Review – Open Sesame: The Story of Seeds

Open Sesame: The Story of Seeds is a film by M. Sean Kaminsky. I know seeds are important—you can’t plant a garden without them—but this film took this to a whole new level! The most impactful demonstration of this was the fact that some species of plant would have been entirely wiped out by pathogens …

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Movie Review – Food Matters

Food Matters is a documentary from two Australians – James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch who describe themselves as nutritional consultants turned filmmakers. It is the first of two films they have produced. Their second film is called Hungry for Change. I have a very different bottom line on Hungry for Change than I do …

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Movie Review – Hungry for Change

I have been doing book reviews for years and am now branching out to include movie reviews. Of course, I’m not reviewing the latest blockbuster, I will focus my attention on films that are relevant to food, nutrition and cancer. Recently I watched Hungry for Change. It is a documentary from two Australians—James Colquhoun and …

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The Food Babe Versus The Science Babe

The Food Babe versus The Science Babe

I have been following The Food Babe for about a year now. I was really impressed with her ability to get large food companies to make changes to their products and her goal of cleaning up the food supply. Her loyal followers, the Food Babe Army go on the attack at her command. They bombard …

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